Uendelig returret

Der er fuld returret inden for 14 dage, men som kunde hos EA Værktøj Engros, tilbydes du mulighed for at tilkøbe uendelig returret til din ordre.

EA Værktøj Engros A/S

Infinite right of return only applies if it was purchased together with the order from which a possible return of a product is desired.

If you have purchased an infinite right of return for your order, it applies to all items on this order, except procurement items.

It is NOT possible to purchase an infinite return right afterwards.

When returning items with an infinite right of return, within 14 days from the date of receipt, you will receive your money back.

For returns after 14 days from receipt, the amount is returned in the form of a voucher and only if it is unused and in original packaging.

Prior to returning items, you must always fill out our online RMA form.

Returns and terms are stated in our terms of trade.